We help farmers succeed.

SAMC is driven by experience and deep expertise in Canadian agriculture. The mission of SAMC is: “Sharing our passion for agriculture by combining our management expertise and experience with committed partners.” This passion comes from over 40 years of combined agricultural experience, which began by growing up on farms in Western Canada. From these roots we have developed a true love for agriculture and through SAMC are working with farms and investors to allow for successful land investment and succession of assets for Canadian farms.

SAMC’s Core Values are: Accountability, Effective & Regular Communication, Integrity and a Results-Based Fee Structure

Our Team

Steve Dziver

Steve has a farm background and has been working in agricultural risk management for over 19 years.

Steve Manning

Steve has been involved in the crop inputs, grain and ag. distribution industry for over 19 years with experience in sales, marketing and business management.

Because We’re Different..

SAMC is made up of a group of experienced agriculture industry professionals who understand farming and the reality of farmland succession….because we are farmers too.

Agriculture is one of the most promising industries in the world because we all need to eat. Food production and the industries that support it are in growth situations because of increase in global population and economic growth in emerging markets.

At the same time land is an increasingly important investment strategy for people around the world looking for opportunities to diversify. With the uncertainty of equity markets, diversification of investments into other markets like farmland is attractive to fund managers, whether they are responsible for pension funds, private funds, or family owned investment funds. This situation is real and not going to change; those with money want to invest into land and they will find ways to do so.

SAMC’s approach is different. We have a five pillar approach that covers everyone’s interests. Four pillars cover the basics: farmers looking to exit the business, young farmers looking to enter the business, children or relatives of farmers who want to continue a legacy of farmland ownership, and investors who want to place money into farmland. This is no different than all farmland fund companies.

The difference with SAMC is we understand and care for a different aspect of farmland investment, our fifth pillar: the farm community. Farm communities are the lifeblood of rural life in Canada. The local hockey rink. The local 4-H club. People to work in the restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other businesses that keep small towns going. SAMC’s approach to farmland investment includes the flow of value back into the community because that is where the true value can be leveraged.

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